Good news!  Hypnotherapy offers a swift and simple way to move on from marijuana addiction and get your life back.  Even clients who have found that marijuana ruled their lives have been able to leave the habit after one session of hypnosis.  There were no side effects or difficult symptoms – just a feeling of Continue reading »


One of the ways I use to describe hypnotherapy is that it is like a ‘verbal massage’.   You can lie back and relax, feeling your emotions, body and spirit being soothed and renewed.  At the same time your subconscious mind is receiving fresh ‘programming’, enabling you to make change at a deep level.  As one Continue reading »

Smoking and Mental Health

Did you know that the latest research reveals that smoking may actually cause mental health problems?  Professionals used to believe this was the other way round – in other words, if you were suffering from stress, depression or even something more serious, this could encourage you to smoke.  However, researchers from King’s College London have Continue reading »